While working at Jackson Marketing Group, I took on the project of developing the back-end of RSC Bio Solutions. I was given the front end side of it to develop out. The client wanted to be able to edit pages and create blog posts. So, EllisLab's ExpressionEngine seemed like the best fit for what they were looking for. I created channels for each product line so that the whole product line, as well as each product, would have their own page. For the SDS Library, I implemented a basic filter-as-you-type search using a small AngularJS function.

Working closely with the Front End team and the inside sales representatives, we were able to accomplish a lot and make the client happy in the process.

- Objectives
- Must Have PHP Backend
- Use a CMS for Easy Editing
- Create a Section for Blog
- Allow searching of SDS Library
- Make the Client Happy

- AngularJS
- ExpressionEngine
- JavaScript
- MasonryJS
AngularJS Instant Data Sheet Search
AngularJS Dropdown Search

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